Interview for IndieGameStand

I’m shaking the roots of the game! Been working like crazy to make it more user friendly, you’ll notice soon!

Meanwhile here’s some interesting news.

I had an interview with the guys from IndieGameStand a couple weeks ago. You can watch it at youtube here and here.

Chatting with the indieGameStand staff

Topics discussed:

  • Ananias going greenlit while on sale on IndieGameStand.
  • The history of development of the game.
  • Design principles of the game.
  • Who is the development team
  • The influence of the Ultima series on the game
  • Advantages of HTML5 development for multiplatform distribution
  • The roguelike-likes, or the “THAT’S NOT A ROGUELIKE!” thing: roguelikenes, traditional roguelikes and making fun games.
  • The abundance of bad games in the market made by unexperienced people or downplaying the value of gameplay.
  • Plans for the future of Ananias.
  • The game being rejected from and their policies on “Production Values”.

2 thoughts on “Interview for IndieGameStand

  1. Couldn’t find where to leave a bug report, it the most recent update there was a change in the way the game deals with spell casting and bandage usage. So far if you are standing on the same tile as your pet you can’t heal yourself. It will only let you heal your pet. If there is a mechanic to choose something else I can’t find it.

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