Ananias 1.64 released, animations, more usability, great stuff!

The new version is HOT, but first, here’s some…

Assorted news!

  • Bad Juju Games, the company behind Desura, has filled for bankrupcy, fired some of their staff and is pretty silent about the future of Desura. Until there are news about it, I’m pulling the fellowship edition off it, and leaving only the standard, free to play one there.
  • We are working on a new trailer for the upcoming release on Steam. It’s going to be awesome! here’s some teasers:
The Legend of Ananias
The Legend of Ananias
The Great Serpent Kramora
The Great Serpent Kramora
  • So far I have released two versions of the game on testflight, this is going to be the final one before submitting it into the AppStore. I need people with all sorts of iPhone devices to test this! If you have one contact me for a free Fellowship edition in exchange of testing in your device!
  • We are also on the way to the humble store for desktop.
  • Game submitted to IndieCade, hoping jurors lo like it and get more exposure!

New Version 1.64!

This version contains a lot of changes, specially for user experience!

New Confirm Buttons
New Confirm Buttons

Big Directional Buttons

Targeting indicator
Targeting indicator

User Experience

  • Add big directional buttons for mobile
  • Add “jumping” animations for movement and attack.
  • Add new map sprites for weapons and armor
  • Show more help on item effects on the object inspector
  • Show more help for monster effects on the object inspector
  • Check if can use items before proceeding to use them.
  • Relayout inventory window
  • Add arrows to directional buttons
  • Relayout Desktop UI
  • Add spellcasting SFX for energy and elemental magic.
  • Allow selecting target when using item on ground
  • Move confirm and cancel buttons to lower bar on mobile
  • Add targetting indicator
  • Add more indications for Alchemy.
  • Add new explosion animation
  • Spice up spell descriptions
  • Change name of Pump Crossbow
  • Gray direwolf



  • Add pathfinding for monsters
  • Increase defense of leather armor to 2, switch some defense values, make black robe non unique
  • Make player block LOS of monsters
  • Make ranged attacks spend points for enemies, allow animated directed projectiles for enemies


  • Keep friendliness and summonness of monster when polymorphing
  • Prevent mask reset when blinking red, while keeping the interpolation within bounds (hoping to fix the fades to black issue)
  • Use new version of pathfinding lib, enable diagonal pathfinding
  • Fix flow for underlying items usage
  • Prevent examining features while targetting
  • Fix Mouth and Kobold description
  • Allow using items on self when standing same tile as pet.
  • Prevent relayed action like magic attacks from ending before they are done
  • Remove duplicate animation for charm monster spell
  • Reduce number of consecutive corridors, and corridor size, for lagoon to reduce clashing
  • Prevent multi upgrades on level up


  • Change static images for “image” instead of “sprite”
  • New music controller with built in audio creation, decoding monitoring and destruction



11 thoughts on “Ananias 1.64 released, animations, more usability, great stuff!

  1. *Groans*

    Have I ever told you how tough you make my life yet? XD
    No? Well, you make my life a nightmare sometimes Slash.
    Yes? Well, let me complain anyways.
    Good time as any to go back into the wiki and get some work done.

    But yeah. I have an iPad mini, I’ll send you an email later when I get the chance.

  2. I haven’t looked back to all of the development logs, and I’ve only begun playing recently, but one issue that seems odd to me, is that fact that the farther you go into the game, the things you find don’t get any better, in fact they often are worse than the stuff you find on the first few levels.

    You also seem to find less and less things the farther down you go. Maybe I’ve been very unlucky but I’ve found more Dragon and Dark armor on the first two levels than I’ve found on level under 8.

    Outside the light and dark powered scrolls, I don’t seem to find any advantage from being at lower levels.

    1. This is more of a design choice, being similar to the way the original “Rogue” handed things. Although there’s a slightly higher chance for more powerful equipment to be generated in the lower levels, generally speaking you are not to expect equipment to become stronger the deeper you go.
      Quantity however should be about the same, except for levels below 24.
      There’s no advantage on being at lower levels, the game is trying to kill you 🙂

      1. Is that the way the original rogue worked? I played Hack back in the early 80s, and then on to Angband, I don’t remember that being the case, but my memory could be false.

        I figure it was a design choice, but if you do put it on OS, I think you’ll find people surprised by this fact. The last 20+ years of game play has trained people to think, stronger monsters=more or better treasure.

        Thanks for the game its fun.

      2. I’m not completely sure that’s the way Rogue worked but at least that’s what I felt when I tried over and over to finish it 🙂

        I have summoned the power of Captain Mango, to shed a light on the subject

  3. Two things:

    When throwing a weapon, does the amount of damage done determine the drop in the integrity of the weapon? Weapons only seem to drop when they hit, and it seems like the more damage you do the bigger the drop. I understand this from a logic standpoint but from a game practicality standpoint it hurts the Paladin class who often uses Axe, dagger and other thrown weapons as a range attack. The higher the paladin’s power the more damage he is doing and if that lowers the integrity of his weapons quicker, the more powerful he gets the quicker his weapons are used up. This doesn’t happen with any of the other classes range attacks.

    Paralysis: This works too often. I shouldn’t be an automatic success on the player. I don’t know if you want to make an additional category for saves, of maybe a magic scroll that gives you a chance to save vs paralysis, but it sure seems like most of my games now end with me walking into a room filled with crits someone casting paralysis and the crits killing me before I have a chance to do anything.

    1. Just checked this, the integrity drop is independent of the damage caused, but it’s a bit too random so I’m making it less random for 1.65

      1. Thanks for looking at it. Having played a bunch more the paralysis is something I think you should reconsider. In a game with limited resources, paralysis becomes a major issue. No matter what you do, you can insta-die because you walk into a room with too many creatures where one of those creatures causes you not to move.

        It just seems counter to the focus of the game. Limited resources and the managing of those resources to reach your goal.

        Too many creatures have paralysis, and it is successful to often.

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