Ananias 1.77 released – Animations for monsters, portrait mode back

The changelog may look small, but a lot of work went into this one. I decided to jump into it, put on the pixel artist hat and make the animations for monsters myself… the game looks much more alive now! The last version was also a bit too easy, so I had to address that. Finally, attack spells are much much cheaper now, so I hope the magic-user classes are more powerful now.


Another visible change is the return of the “Portrait” mode for mobile, it seems a lot of people liked it, since it allows seeing the map and the object inspector all the time, and it can be used with a single hand. I still like more the more compact Chibi UI, but I understand it’s a valid choice if your screen is big enough!




  • Reduce MP costs for spells GREATLY.
  • Remove intrinsic “noise” penalty for Paladin and Barbarian
  • Reduce chance of enemies alerting nearby monsters
  • Reduce strength of alerts by enemies (their cries for help now reach less rooms)
  • Increase HP for deep enemies and bosses
  • Add more enemies per floor on deep floors

User Experience

  • Idle animations for all enemies and monsters!
  • Added back portrait mode for mobile


  • Fix crash when using brewed potions while hallucinating
  • Fix issue with some actions breaking the flow when on chemistry mode

Steam and iOS versions

I keep shortening the list in order to make this happen more quickly. Right now it’s down to two items:

  • Idle animation for player. This isn’t simple since it requires building the animation frames dynamically based on what the player is wearing.
  • A new trailer, I will remove the animation sequence and replace it all with pixel art footage from the game.


Production of Dumeril statues and the new t-shirts is still halted. I haven’t been able to push neither of these forward, I’m investing whatever little time I have directly into the game development.

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