SPID 8 – Captain Tsubasa online

I will be posting SPIDs (Slashie’s Project Idea Drafts) in the blog, they will be short ideas for games or other projects I may or may not develop into full projects. May be someone will be inspired by them and save me the trouble of developing them.

Based on Captain Tsubasa II: Super Striker for the Famicom, create a game that keeps the spirit of the original including the 2D graphics and cinematics, while allowing online play and other game modes.



  • Playable in any browser and mobile
  • No history mode.
  • Select a team and play with your friends or…
  • Create your own persistent team, and participate in tournaments.
  • 2D illustrations similar to the anime



Some of the things to improve:

  • Usability,  keeping  the style of the interface but removing it’s rough parts (fan translations had to struggle with it to make it work)
  • No experience points / level up, players have fixed stats and it’s up to the player using their best abilities in the field.



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