Ananias finally released on iOS

Yesterday I finally managed to push the first iOS version to the AppStore!



It’s been about 2 years since I’ve been promising next version will be it, all because I wanted the first iOS version to be much more complete than the first ones that were available on Android, since that early availability brought a lot of bad ratings (in exchange for some useful feedback in some cases, I guess).

The game has been playable for a long time (I only had to do some tweaks for memory management when loading music files, but those were beneficial for the whole game overall in the long term).

The final thing I had on the list after 2.0 was the optional onscreen directional pad which was released with 2.1 and thus triggered the submission to the AppStore.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-8-54-12-pmIn any case, here it is. After a somewhat troublesome start with v2.1.1 with a critical bug caused by the untested work in progress for the full keyboard support for 2.2 (grrr), I just pushed a new version fixing that (But unlike Android, all versions have to go through their review process and thus may take over a day to be available).

Hopefully no more ugly bugs happen until the properly tested v2.2 is deployed! This also made me release v2.1.2 over the web location to start testing that keyboard support, check it out 🙂


8 thoughts on “Ananias finally released on iOS

  1. Hi Slash!
    Is it normal that I can’t save in the free version? I created an account but saving (well, loading actually) doesn’t work. In the menu it only ever shows ‘save game’. Happens in browser and yesterday’s windows version.

    1. No, that’s super weird… are you sure you aren’t loading the game once you save? because if you do that then the savegame would be lost… I just checked in the web version and its working for me.

  2. I don’t understand the mechanism I think. Am I supposed to leave the game after saving? Is that what you’re saying? Thanks for helping me out.

    1. I tried searching the wiki but couldn’t find how it’s supposed to work. I did see the frogman say “your savegame can only be used once, save again if you want to reload” but I think I’m either misunderstanding or something’s wrong.
      At any rate, I just tested it again, I’ll describe the behavior as best I can:
      If I click save game, I see two buttons: ‘continue game’ and ‘online’. If I then move to the next room and click save again, I’m not back in my first savegame. Instead, I remain in place in the second room. If I close the browser, I don’t see a continue game option either. I access the web version through the ‘play online in your browser’ link on the main page.

      1. Maybe I have to make it more clear in the manual or the wiki.

        Yes, the only reason to save the game is if you are going to interrupt your gameplay session, that’s why the game throws you to the title screen when saving, once you restore the game, the save game is gone.

        This also means that if your character dies he’s dead for good. You cannot save, continue playing and then restore the game to go back to where you were.

        This is one of the thing that distinguishes classic roguelikes from other kind of cRPGs 🙂 trying to do otherwise is considered cheating/”savescumming”

        I hope that makes it clear, please let me know if there’s still any confusion about it!

      2. Oh no now I understand. The only Roguelike I played before was something that really looks like Rogue as a kid. I did not know that was a thing before playing your game. I kinda hoped there would be a way to still load. I hate seeing wolfy die 😦 Something in the wiki about this would seem useful to me. By the way your game reminds me of the old heroquest pc game which we played for hours on end as kids. This is meant as a huge compliment. So thanks and I’ll just move along now sorry I hope I didn’t let you worry about nothing.

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