PokemonRL 1.2 released

Oh my… this project is surely a lot of work. I’ll probably release another version with some usability improvements and leave it alone for a while, else I’ll stick to it forever (and I need to go back to generating revenue)…

Enough ranting! this versions comes with HUGE changes, you can play the latest version HERE. Changelist below:


  • Show stats of nearby visible monsters


  • Use speed stat and modifiers to decide turn order.
  • Use evasion and accuracy (with modifiers) for battles
  • Fix type damage modifiers, complete type x type table and use secondary types
  • Add attacks and moves modifying stats temporarily.
  • Implement FOCUSED status (increases critical attack chance)
  • Make native evolved versions of monsters inherit moves from their pre-evolutions
  • Prevent monsters from learning moves already on their list


  • Fix issues with gym definitions

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