Curse of Walachia, finished

Curse of Walachia is a tribute to the recent Castlevania series on Netflix. It is loosely based on Castlevania 3 so I wondered how cool it’d be if Castlevania 3 followed the same plot as the series? 🙂

This is my first video for SlashBit RetroCinema, a youtube channel where I intend to post similar content (second video is almost ready :))

It took about 17 development days to take this from an idea to a reality. Far much more than I anticipated I would invest. I was pretty happy with the end result, but I should be more cautious in the future regarding what projects to start (since I now feel this religious duty of not letting things unfinished).

I had some plans to include all the content in the show but I had to cut it out. These plans included the catacombs stage with the cyclops boss, Sypha joining, the defense of Gresit, the deep catacombs and Alucard’s fight. I figured out this was enough to show my idea (may be I’ll do these in the future, if there’s interest on them).

Here’s the tools I used

  • JavaScript: This is actually a “playable” game which runs in a browser window
  • Arcade physics engine, timers, tiled map loading, music playback as well as basic spriteworks.
  • Tiled: To created the tile maps
  • Google Translate: To create the Engrish by translating from English to Japanese and back.
  • 8Bit Photo Lab: Nice tool I used to create the character portraits. Wish there was a Mac version.
  • Quicktime Player: To record the vid from screen capture.
  • Soundflower: To redirect audio output into Quicktime Player.

PS: The Engrish is intentional, of course.

Following are the dev chunks per day (Day 10 to 17)

Day 10

Made the weapons work. This involved positioning them based on the mob heading and position, and manually checking the collision vs targets.

Day 11 

Didn’t advance on the project itself since I jumped into the JavaScript animation side-project side-project. But started writing the intro.

Day 12

Worked on the intro.

Day 13

Finished work in the intro, including assembling some scenes. Also worked on Stage 1-1

Day 14

Level design for stage 1-2 and 1-3

Day 15

Level design for Stage 2-1 including adding the old woman dialog

Day 16

Added Trevor’s dialog to fight sequence and a lot more detail on it

Day 17

Details, Details, Details… and release!

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