OpenArthurianX6 Campaign Finished

After two months, we managed to raise $3,236 USD (161% of the initial goal). This will allows us to develop the engine and some tools to make it easier to create the games.

Thanks to all the contributors! I have arranged a meeting of dragons and other monsters to celebrate!

OpenArthurianX9 Contributors
All 49 contributors to the campaign

Here’s the list of all contributors! If you want to remove yourself, change your name (or include your dragon name) or put some more info. Get in touch via twitter 🙂

Black Dragons


  • Joshua Steele – Wiltshire Dragon
  • Aaron Curtis – Dark Wraith Dragon
  • C. Bruner – Spoony Spoonicus – A lover of classic RPGs with some sweet Ultima Let’s Play
  • Kenneth Kully – WTF Dragon – Maintainer of The Ultima Codex


  • Paul Lester – Vanzilar Dragon


  • Adam Westlake
  • Alec Nunn
  • Claus Kick
  • Cody Baxter
  • Devon Scott-Tunkin
  • Erwin Wolf
  • Frank Wolter – Sir Cabirus Dragon
  • Joseph Drasin – Unseen Dragon – Organizer of the Festival of the Silver Serpent
  • John Hosie – Houston Dragon
  • Madjack McMad
  • Neil Graham
  • Olivier Guinart
  • Paul Leone
  • Sir John- Serendipitous Dragon – German Ultima Games Translator


  • Browncoat Jayson
  • Helgraf Dragon
  • Jason Spangler
  • Jonathan
  • Markus Moenig


  • Christopher S Wilson
  • dgray038
  • Edgar Garcia Hernandez – Dungeon Master
  • Gallara Dragon – Leader of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter
  • J. G.
  • Jason Brock
  • Matt Kimmich
  • Nathan Jerpe – Developer of Legerdemain
  • Nick Walton
  • Noncho Savov
  • Roberto A Rivera
  • Ryan Szrama – Developer of Drupal Commerce
  • An anonymous Gargoyle



Sprint 1 starts next week! I’ll post an update of the project plans before that.

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