OpenArthurianX6 – Milestone 9 completed – World split into chunks

The single goal for this version was not a simple one: to transition from a model where the player warped from one “Level” to the other, into a World model based in Chunks, allowing the creation of very big open-world maps with seamless transitions between them (ala Ultima VI).

This involved breaking the “Level” class, splitting its responsibilities into two classes: World and Chunk, and reworking how pathfinding worked so that mobs could still find their way between chunks. All around changes were made so that mobs, items, objects, and doors continued working fine, as well as NPC schedules.

So, there are not a lot of new functionalities to talk about here, but all this invisible work will hopefully pay off when making use of the engine to create big worlds.

The Demos page has been updated so you can play online or even download the win64 package.

Onwards to Milestone 10!

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