Rise of Kramora, Day 4 7DRL 2016

Oh gosh, I did so many things today!

I started with a Huge refactor breaking the monolytic Watchface Service into a View and Controller model, in order to be able to send UI update commands from the Game and fire tweens and stuff.

I implemented a simple tweening library for Android Wear, and using it I added animations for combat as well as for exploration. Of course that brings a lot of life to the game, in exchange for higher CPU usage. I think it’s still OK, but of course I’d have to do a bit of optimizations for production deployment.


Giovanny finished drawing all the enemies and player graphics, they are awesome! He also managed to do the sky background and another one with a window for the tower… hopefully he’ll be able to do some more tomorrow.

I also worked hard implementing a parallax effect and added overlays for the weapons; right now it uses about 27MB of RAM, and quicks the CPU in 30% usage peaks

Should I add sprite group and group tweens? I doubt I have enough time inside the 7DRL timeframe, but if any further development should be pursued, it’s a no-brainer to keep the code simpler.

Check out the video on twitter.


  • Winning Condition
  • Spells
  • Fix Bug with some battles making the game hang
  • Fix Bug with parallax failing after a while.
  • Definitive data for enemy and item spawns. (Balance)
  • Playtesting

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