Ananias 1.79 released!

Worked heavily on the game on December. The biggest changes on this version are:

  • Character Creation: You can now customize your character’s appearance and tweak its starting stats.


  • Hardcore Mode: Is the game too easy for you? this mode bring stronger enemies which will storm you to death! A separate graveyard is available for it.
  • Rune Portals: I have wanted to remove stairs for a long time since they didn’t really fit in the theme (why can’t I go back?) Now you’ll have to explore the level to find the runes and activate the portal to go into the next level.


This is the complete changelog:


  • Changed stairs for portals + runes you have to find to activate them
  • Add hardcore mode
  • Allow allocating bonus points for stats
  • Implement range bonuses for bows for hunter
  • Autorecover pet when stepping on room
  • Only allow using bandages and potions on flesh entities


  • Avatar customization: Set your skin tone, hair color, type and beard.
  • Allow changing character name
  • Autoreload arrows when attacking
  • Reduce size of rooms on mobile
  • Add missing tap sounds to all buttons
  • Dynamic online help based on device
  • Add attack effect based on its type
  • Make enemies stop breathing when stunned or frozen
  • Pause breathing animation while paralyzed
  • Bigger “back” buttons for mobile compact
  • Add option to exit game for desktop
  • Activate full screen for desktop
  • Rearrange menus
  • Remove “show arrows” setting
  • Only show the scores for the current version and difficulty
  • Open external URLs in a separate window when running in nw.js
  • Add explosions for all spells, and varying explosion size
  • Show effect on inspector for all monsters, not just pet


  • Fix issue with email regex
  • Ugly hack to prevent chrome from autofilling fields
  • Critical issue with weapon bonuses
  • Fix issue with close button always visible on canvas rendering
  • Fix issue with color interpolations
  • Prevent issue with pet sprite misplaced after entering room

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