Ananias 1.80 released

A new title screen has been commissioned and thus a new deadline for the Steam release (2 weeks). Some important changes in this release include:

  • Weapons and armor can be used even if ruined, but they aren’t as effective
  • A first version of the intro is added
  • Guardians are now immune to most status maladies.
  • Watcher for game hanged to make sure the game doesn’t hang!

I’m also now using butler, the command line tool from, to automate the deployment of the new versions. Since it’s my first deploy using it I had to do some manual steps (setting display name, changing minimum price and delete the old versions), I supposed I will no longer be doing that for the next releases, since they will be tied to the preexisting “channels”, which are going to be incremental)

Some action

Full list of relevant changes


  • Allow using and throwing ruined weapons and armor (they are no longer completely destroyed!)
  • Guard bosses from panic, charm, confusion, polymorph and blind.
  • Check protection vs status effects based on player magic power.
  • Reduce quantity of pebbles in favor of reagents
  • Reduce quantity of Healing and Zinc potions
  • Make explosion damage independent on strength (for thrown potions)


  • First version of the ingame intro
  • Autorecover pet when player enters a room
  • Add animation to fade into the magic circle
  • Change color of arrows for contrast with text
  • Play SFX for ranged attacks
  • Add “musings of tripaseca” book
  • Fix colors of wizard preview
  • Don’t switch perception nor show scratches if blind


  • Add watcher for “Game Hanged”, this utility should let me know when the game hangs and try to recover it for you.
  • Add watcher for file loading errors, it will let you know if some files could not be loaded (for example because of network issues or a firewall)

Critical Fixes

  • Fix critical issue where confused enemies with ranged attacks would cause the game to hang


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