Ananias Roguelike 1.58 – Downloadable versions!

A new version is available, you can now download the game for PC, Mac and Linux… just be sure to keep up to date (the game will remind you :)). The downloads are free, and just for the standard edition for now. You can download them from or GameJolt.

If you download from you have the option of contributing some money for development, which you will promptly do.

And as usual, you can play online or download for android

We got word from Desura and we will go live there on May 26 :D, meanwhile we are waiting for word from GoG, and the Steam greenlight campaign has stalled… please share with everybody you can!

As more platforms get supported, releasing the game becomes a very time consuming job. This means it’s likely for releases to take a bit longer from now on… next massive release will likely be 2.0

Only iOS remains pending, but I have not forgotten you, my iPhone-loving friends


  • Setup nw.js for downloadable versions (Mac, Windows and Linux)
  • Change aspect ratio to 16:9 for desktop (more space)
  • Disable scaling interpolation for Chrome and Chromium
  • Check for current version on initialization
  • Remove invisible item click sprites to prevent issues
  • New tileset for lagoon
  • Add splash screen
  • Darker bookshelves

Ananias, downloadable test builds for Win, Mac and Linux

I have released downloadable builds for Windows, Mac and Linux, built using node-webkit-builder + nw.js.

You can download them at

Please let me know how they work so I can make them public 🙂

Two areas require testing:

  • Since this is the first downloadable build, we need to know that everything works well generally speaking. So just play around and get the ring of Ananias.
  • Also, there was a subtle but important change on the items interaction code, so if you could pick, drop, throw, use and mess around with items and see everything works fine, that’d be great!

Ananias Roguelike 1.57 released! Barbarian and Slayer classes added!!

It’s been a long long time, but at long last, a new version of Ananias Roguelike is available!

We are on Steam Greenlight! any help towards spreading the campaign and voting for it is appreciated… it is very important for us to get there, it will help much more people notice the game!

We are also now on You can contribute to the development of the game there too ^_^

Play now!

New classes! (Available on the Fellowship Edition)



  • Barbarian
    • Charge: Double attack if attacking when running towards an enemy
    • Rage: Gets melee attack bonus the lower its hitpoints
    • Courage: Recovers hp for killing enemies
    • Cannot read spells, Cannot use heavy armor, Can block attacks (but not parry)
  • Slayer
    • Assault: Jump attack on enemies while running toward them
    • Slash: Cut through enemies while moving
    • Throwing weapons bonus
    • Cannot use heavy armor

User Experience

  • Throw item shortcut: You can now throw your secondary weapon with a single command.
  • Auto put on secondary slot when picking up a weapon
  • Add music decoding progress monitor for CocoonJS
  • Removed human archer and fencer


  • Fix facebook share issues


  • Increase quantity of reagents

Ananias Roguelike 1.56 released, endless darkness

New version available

We are planning the addition of two new classes (for the fellowship edition) as well as migrating the social features from the fellowship to the standard edition.

Endless Darkness
Endless Darkness


  • Endless darkness levels with increasingly powerful enemies
  • Make bows start with some ammo
  • Decrease rarity of arrows
  • Reduce paladin starting stats


  • Make enemies drop items even when killed by friendly monsters
  • Fix critical issue with async facebook init
  • Allow non magic experts to use attack spells (they were always backfiring)
  • Save victories on graveyard

User Experience

  • Adjustments on game over flow
  • Autoreload arrows on secondary weapon
  • Add spell backfire alert
  • Highlight victories on top scores


  • Facebook Login to publish messages natively

Ananias Roguelike 1.55 – Share on facebook, examine the dungeon, ring guardian.

New version available!

In other news

  • We have a wiki setup now, if you want to collaborate please create content for it!
  • We are getting close to 30.000 installs for the standard edition; rating has gone up to 3.55 and I hope it continues going up with more polished versions. I also removed support for Android versions prior to 4.0 since they seemed to be causing problems to users (since CocoonJS doesn’t support WebView+ on these)
  • We now have 100+ buyers for the Fellowship edition, thank you all!
  • As expected, the APK for the fellowship edition is now available (for free) in several non official (i.e. pirate) websites. If you use one of these versions, the Curse of Ananias will fall over you and your family.
Posting from mobile, web dialog initially.
Facebook Post
Facebook Post
Examining the dungeon
Examining the dungeon

Changes for new version


  • Add Guardian of the Ring
  • Add range and accuracy penalties for heavy items / weak classes


  • Share game over event on facebook (v1)
  • Add Jack Bonar as Knight of Darkness


  • Add missing wall variations for caverns.


  • Relayout statues collection with bigger buttons
  • Allow examining dungeon features
  • Add custom cursor for web version


  • Fix issue with teleporting

Ananias Roguelike 1.54 released with big changes, also a new trailer

I worked hard during the weekend creating the trailer for the game; the idea with this and the new website is to try to reach some websites to have them write a bit about the game, hoping to get more players. I hope it works… take a look!

Many thanks to LiquidNitrogen, developer of Exalt Corp, for his contributions to the new graphics as well as valuable feedback for this version!

Awesome Crystal Caves tiles
Awesome Crystal Caves tiles
New furniture
New furniture


  • Add new graphics for Crystal Caves
  • Add walltop variations for Ruins, Caverns of Chaos and Crystal Caves
  • Highlight room exits on Underground Lagoon and Darkness Abyss on the minimap
  • Add new stair tiles
  • Added bookshelves, tables and furnace furniture to the dungeon.
  • Change pet’s skill points icon


  • Increase minibosses hit points
  • Reduce wand charges for non-magic masters
  • Add out of depth monsters
  • Hunters now start with a dagger as secondary weapon
  • Start with secondary weapon equipped
  • Reduce thrown weapon bonuses
  • Change accuracy for Hunter when using bows (no longer 100%)
  • Change base accuracy when throwing weapons
  • Bonus accuracy for Hunter when throwing weapons
  • Prevent throwing items when next to enemies
  • Try to switch weapons when trying to melee with a bow
  • Poke enemies with an arrow when trying to melee with a bow.
  • Prevent archer and griffin from attacking on melee with full power.


  • Show detailed messages for failing actions in the object inspector.

Fellowship Edition

  • Profile Panel: Check your friends list and your stats

Ananias Roguelike – Perk Status Update

Following is the updated list of perks from the crowdfunding campaigns.

So far we haven’t been able to raise much, but I continue developing the game nonetheless, hoping more people gets to play it and have fun with it.

How long will I be able to continue developing? I don’t know… motivation is limited, I guess it all depends on how well received the fellowship edition is; if it isn’t the development  may come to a hiatus until I recover the will to work on it.

Here’s the updated perk list!


Get the Fellowship Edition of the game

The Fellowship Edition was finally shipped last week (for Android). After tinkering a bit I’ve come with the following procedure which will allow you to always be up to date with the latest version.

To claim your reward please do the following:

  • Send me your paypal email
  • Buy the fellowship edition from google play
  • (Optional) rate the app 😉
  • Send me your purchase receipt
  • I will send you back the money via paypal.

This will actually cost me a bit since I will be assuming the google play and paypal fees, but I’m willing to do it since you’ve shown your support. Other means would mean you’d have to stick to the current version, which I don’t think is fair.

If you don’t have an Android device don’t worry, the Fellowship Edition will soon be available on iOS and Web, I will keep you posted.


Get a virtual postcard with art from the game, hand-signed by the developer just for you.

I’ll start signing these next week and send them to you all via email.


Be credited in the contributors section of the game website


Get the “Warrior” title on the Fellowship of Ananias

This will show up in your profile page, to acknowledge your support for the game. Please send me your player name and PIN so I can add you to the list, you’ll then see the update when playing the Fellowship Edition.


Be included as a named knight of darkness.

All 12 Knights for the first campaign were added; I’m waiting for info from the 2 new ones.


Get a CD with the Original Soundtrack

We haven’t been able to complete the Soundtrack! This has been the most critical missing part caused by the severe lack of funding. So far we have the following tracks:

  • The Legend of Ananias (Main Menu Theme)
  • Descending into Darkness (Tomb of Ananias Theme)
  • Decaying Life (Caverns of Chaos Theme)

Ashton is also working on a fourth one for the Underwater Lagoon.

If you are a recipient for this perk I ask you to please be patient, I don’t want to send a CD with an unfinished soundtrack! We are missing the following tracks:

  • Underwater Lagoon
  • Crystal Depths
  • Lair of the Ancients
  • Darkness Abyss (Medium Length, Loopable)


Create a new monster race to the game

We have created the 3 new races for the highest level supporters.

Playing Ultima IX Ascension – Day 2

Day 2 – Paws and a first journey north east of Britain

I went southward into Paws and met a dumb troll wanting some gold to let me pass… he looked quite strong so yeah, I gave him 10 gold… but when I was crossing he wanted more gold! I refused and went running to the south without looking back… I got to paws and got into a house, the Troll was seemingly gone.

Paws is a miserable town build upon a deadly poisonous swamp, several islands with trashy houses connected by planks. I wandered around talking to the inhabitants, certainly most of the fine people of Britain ignores their real status or just are playing a blind eye. I MUST CORRECT THIS.

…but I wanted to continue south, Trinsic is my favorite city on Britannia, I want to see how they’re faring!

So I pulled back and continued southward, then I found another bridge with another Troll, but this one doesn’t want gold! I tried fighting him but I was being beaten… it was time to run like a brave warrior! I went east with the Troll running behind me, saw a forest but it looked dangerous so took a turn when I feel into the swamp and became poisoned… the Troll looked at my misery and went back to guard the bridge.

I got out of the swamp and had a potion to recover, then I killed a rat in the city planks, and a vulture came down to it. I would never have thought the vulture would attack me but he did, and killed me for the first time.

I reloaded my game and explored Paws again, then I decided it was time to valiantly trounce the troll, knowing in my Spirit that no other choice was possible. I killed him!

So with the troll out of the way I continued my journey to Trinsic, then I met an armored enemy who beat the crap out of me twice… I need better equipment! I decided to head back to Britain to get better weapons and armor…

But before, I explored the shoreline by paws and the forest by it. It is still night so it’s beautiful. I was exploring the forest, jumping around when I got tangled into a tree. After a lot of jumping and fiddling I could finally free myself from the evil tree, and looked the other way.

I resumed the journey to Britain, but first I took the mission of fixing the water pump in Paws so they at least don’t die… I found the new valve in a nearby cave and assembled it back. I feel like an avatar because I helped them.

Back in Britain I explored the town looking for weapons and armor, found the bowyer but decided not to spend my money on a crappy training bow, instead bought some armor and sold my spare parts, also bought a huge mace that seems to have a lower damage rating but works great so far.

Yet, I don’t feel confident to get through to Trinsic, so I decided to proceed into the first quest assigned to me by Lord British: going to the dungeon north of Britain.

I left Britain through the east gate and journeyed north, I met the girl in charge of the Shrine of Compassion and tried to find it when I met what I think was a wisp, it lead me into a cave with mild treasure. I then went into a nearby lighthouse where the keeper wants me to fix some domestic stuff with the other lighthouses and ships crashing… I might get to it if I have some time after dealing with the major issues affecting Britannia. However I found a sextant in the lighthouse, should be handy 🙂

I pulled back en route to the dungeon when I met a talking statue: turns out Shamino was trapped on the ethereal void while investigating the nature of the Guardian, he can’t talk much but promises to come back with more info.

I continue traveling north where I find myself in a creepy storm! it’s still night and I can barely see a thing. I seek refuge in a cave in. It seems like the most wise thing would be doing this journey by day. So I head back to Lord British’s Castle to take a nap into the morning (I also need to recover my hitpoints, I hope he can still do that).

In the way to Britain I stumble into a house which seems to be Iolo’s (or Gwenno’s?). I will know soon!

Ananias Roguelike 1.52 released, contribute to the campaign!

The funding campaign is almost over but it can still happen! contribute to help us finish the game! Don’t miss the chance to get yourself into the game as a dreaded knight of darkness 😉

We have a new awesome website, check it out!

New Website
New Website

Version 1.52 can be played online; we are doing some tests on the Android version to ensure it works well along the Fellowship version (and that the Fellowship version itself works ok).

New Caverns of Chaos
New Caverns of Chaos


  • Remove depth bonus generation for items
  • Decrease chances of armor and spells generation
  • Nerf armor integrity

Community (Fellowship Version)

  • In-Game notifications: Seen when your friends are playing along with you.
  • Friends Graveyard
  • Global Graveyard
  • Personal Graveyard (Saved online)
  • Login
  • Signup
  • Add Friend
  • Autologin


  • Include new test tiles for caverns and tombs

User Interface

  • Change font colors
  • Relayout title screens


  • Moved web version to
  • Created web backend in nodejs to support Fellowship Version features.
  • Set up Fellowship version on cocoonjs
  • Set up Fellowship version on google play

Ananias Roguelike 1.51 released – Big graphics and UX changes

Play online or download for Android.

Only two weeks left, please consider contributing to the campaign. Every dollar counts!

new3D newCreatePlayer


  • Prevent alchemists and archers from using heavy armor


  • Huge changes on room walls pseudo 3D rendering


  • Merge class selection and pet selection into a single “New Game” screen.
  • Override target selection when there’s a single enemy on the run for “Use on” command.
  • Override “Use” command in favor of “Use on” when it doesn’t make sense to use on self.
  • Prevent “Use on” command when no viable targets in the room.
  • Allow using on self via the “Use on” command. (Selecting “self” as target)
  • Update description for magic fountains
  • Update upgrade card descriptions
  • Clarify descriptions for spells you cant use
  • Clarify descriptions for reagent items
  • Update class descriptions, remove background and add gameplay details.