Ananias 1.65 released

At long last, a new version is available!

Versions for GameJolt and IndieGameStand are still pending to be released.

Android and iOS versions are now generated directly using Apache Cordova instead of CocoonJS; had to transition due to the inability to control permissions which was finally broken by their latest generated APKs not allowing unpacking them to change the manifest. The good news are I now have a lot more of control over the building process so this should result in less obscure behavior causing the game to crash.

iOS version has been sent via Testflight to all testers, if you’d like to be a tester please contact me.

A lot of work went into the new game trailer, will release it soon!


  • Remove restrictions to wear metal armor
  • Add penalties for energy and elemental magic when wearing metal armor.
  • Allow barbarians to use heavy armor
  • Remove parry skill from Paladin
  • Add parry skill to Slayer
  • Increase room sizes
  • Reduce variability of weapon damage when thrown
  • Leave pet behind if not next to you during a battle
  • Add angelus and mandragora potions, now Barbarian can cause monsters to evolve without having to read a spell.
  • Reduce power of paralysis skills by enemies.
  • Modify attack types of some monsters
  • Add back shepherd challenge class
  • Fix pathfinding issues for monsters

User Experience

  • Allow using the “Back” button on Android to navigate between menus and to toogle inventory.
  • Allow movement using keyboard on desktop.
  • Add back fullscreen mode for web.
  • Show description of object, cell or monster blocking a ranged attack.
  • Add new music tracks for Underwater Lagoon and Lair of the Ancients
  • Show weapon info when switching weapons.
  • Show monster skills separate from description.
  • Remove some lame monster descriptions.
  • Separate arrows on hi-res mode
  • Add magic sfx for wand
  • Hide facebook share button (will be replaced for the character resume screen soonish)
  • Don’t show skill points if zero
  • Use short classname on graveyard
  • Remove marble background from mobile
  • Add graveyard background image
  • Enhance map sprites for reagents, potions and bandages
  • Change lagoon water appearance


  • Use Apache Cordova directly for Android and iOS instead of CocoonJS
  • New music manager: Load music files as required instead of all on initialization.
  • Disable sound autoinitialization for mobile
  • Change fullscreen stretch mode
  • Sprite pool support (Disabled for the moment)
  • Upgrade to circular-functions 0.0.3 on npm
  • Don’t compress paths on pathfinding to prevent ultra jumps
  • Use phaser-slashman to correct blurry text on multiline textfields
Alchemy Vs Undead
Alchemy Vs Undead
Haunted Library
Haunted Library

Ananias at Comic Con Colombia 2015

Last weekend I was at Comic Con Colombia 2015.

Instead of buying fancy stuff I decided to contribute a tiny bit to the local artists so I had them draw their own renditions of some player classes from the game, here they are!

Ailorus Monk by Jhon Vasquez
Ailorus Monk by Jhon Vasquez
Arcane Master with a giant frog familiar by Fredy Gonzalez
Arcane Master with a giant frog familiar by Fredy Gonzalez
Barbarian by Laura Espinoza
Barbarian by Laura Espinoza
Monster Slayer and his Lynx friend by Sara Rodriguez
Monster Slayer and his Lynx friend by Sara Rodriguez
Paladin by Christian Alvarez
Paladin by Christian Alvarez
Dumeril Sage by David Aguirre
Dumeril Sage by David Aguirre

Pretty cool! then last day of the Comic Con I gave a talk about the design of Ananias, its development history (some tips for aspiring developers) and the art components of the game, you can find the slides here (they’re in Spanish tho)

All ready
All ready
A bit of a talk about the design and indie dev in Colombia
A bit of a talk about the design and indie dev in Colombia
Camacho talking about the Art for indie games on Colombia
Camacho talking about the Art for indie games on Colombia

News about the new version

I am running into some issues with the iOS version, it’s been a bit troublesome to get it running… I’m tackling these to release on the AppStore soon. Then, as previously stated, Steam.

Ananias 1.64 released, animations, more usability, great stuff!

The new version is HOT, but first, here’s some…

Assorted news!

  • Bad Juju Games, the company behind Desura, has filled for bankrupcy, fired some of their staff and is pretty silent about the future of Desura. Until there are news about it, I’m pulling the fellowship edition off it, and leaving only the standard, free to play one there.
  • We are working on a new trailer for the upcoming release on Steam. It’s going to be awesome! here’s some teasers:
The Legend of Ananias
The Legend of Ananias
The Great Serpent Kramora
The Great Serpent Kramora
  • So far I have released two versions of the game on testflight, this is going to be the final one before submitting it into the AppStore. I need people with all sorts of iPhone devices to test this! If you have one contact me for a free Fellowship edition in exchange of testing in your device!
  • We are also on the way to the humble store for desktop.
  • Game submitted to IndieCade, hoping jurors lo like it and get more exposure!

New Version 1.64!

This version contains a lot of changes, specially for user experience!

New Confirm Buttons
New Confirm Buttons

Big Directional Buttons

Targeting indicator
Targeting indicator

User Experience

  • Add big directional buttons for mobile
  • Add “jumping” animations for movement and attack.
  • Add new map sprites for weapons and armor
  • Show more help on item effects on the object inspector
  • Show more help for monster effects on the object inspector
  • Check if can use items before proceeding to use them.
  • Relayout inventory window
  • Add arrows to directional buttons
  • Relayout Desktop UI
  • Add spellcasting SFX for energy and elemental magic.
  • Allow selecting target when using item on ground
  • Move confirm and cancel buttons to lower bar on mobile
  • Add targetting indicator
  • Add more indications for Alchemy.
  • Add new explosion animation
  • Spice up spell descriptions
  • Change name of Pump Crossbow
  • Gray direwolf



  • Add pathfinding for monsters
  • Increase defense of leather armor to 2, switch some defense values, make black robe non unique
  • Make player block LOS of monsters
  • Make ranged attacks spend points for enemies, allow animated directed projectiles for enemies


  • Keep friendliness and summonness of monster when polymorphing
  • Prevent mask reset when blinking red, while keeping the interpolation within bounds (hoping to fix the fades to black issue)
  • Use new version of pathfinding lib, enable diagonal pathfinding
  • Fix flow for underlying items usage
  • Prevent examining features while targetting
  • Fix Mouth and Kobold description
  • Allow using items on self when standing same tile as pet.
  • Prevent relayed action like magic attacks from ending before they are done
  • Remove duplicate animation for charm monster spell
  • Reduce number of consecutive corridors, and corridor size, for lagoon to reduce clashing
  • Prevent multi upgrades on level up


  • Change static images for “image” instead of “sprite”
  • New music controller with built in audio creation, decoding monitoring and destruction



Interview for IndieGameStand

I’m shaking the roots of the game! Been working like crazy to make it more user friendly, you’ll notice soon!

Meanwhile here’s some interesting news.

I had an interview with the guys from IndieGameStand a couple weeks ago. You can watch it at youtube here and here.

Chatting with the indieGameStand staff

Topics discussed:

  • Ananias going greenlit while on sale on IndieGameStand.
  • The history of development of the game.
  • Design principles of the game.
  • Who is the development team
  • The influence of the Ultima series on the game
  • Advantages of HTML5 development for multiplatform distribution
  • The roguelike-likes, or the “THAT’S NOT A ROGUELIKE!” thing: roguelikenes, traditional roguelikes and making fun games.
  • The abundance of bad games in the market made by unexperienced people or downplaying the value of gameplay.
  • Plans for the future of Ananias.
  • The game being rejected from and their policies on “Production Values”.

Ananias 1.62, published at

Release on Desura
Release on Desura

Assorted news

  • The wiki starts growing! With the strategies and monsters pages building up from user experiences, go there and contribute with your knowledge 🙂
  • iOS is the next target for release, I already submitted a version but it got rejected, we are pretty close!
  • Steam comes afterwards, I am not going to take much more time preparing, I feel it’s almost ready.

Version 1.62 comes with lots of awesomeness! Desktop UI has been fully revamped and the two new classes (Ailorus Monk and Dumeril Sage) are now packed with all Fellowship Editions… so get them now if you haven’t 🙂

There is also a new title screen made by Denzi originally for the Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup project; I’m still talking with him to see if I can keep if there, else we will have to draw a new one.

It has been released to the following places:

New Title
New Title
New Game
New Game
New UI
New UI
New UI
New UI


Two new classes with new skills are now available

monkAilorus Monk

  • Flying Kick: Unarmed ranged hit, doesn’t need to run
  • Unarmed attacks get stronger with power
  • Immune to poison and spell maladies


Dumeril Sage

  • Can use elemental spells several time
  • Unleashes the full power of elemental spells

Other gameplay changes:

  • Make all classes start with power 2

User Experience

  • New title screen from Denzi
  • Changes on layout and menus for desktop version
  • Add input fields (much easier text input) for desktop version, using my phaserTextField lib.
  • Color animation for paralyze skill and paralyzed status
  • Add Decoration for buttons
  • Enhance flow for searching users on desktop mode
  • Remove antialiasing from logo text
  • Add overlay to switch weapon button
  • Remove welcome screen
  • Change “Lv” for Power
  • Add back navigation for new game screen
  • Change icon for back


  • Log out sessions on server
  • Allow multiple sockets per user
  • Make usernames case insensitive.


  • Disable DOM textfield for Android version to prevent crashing
  • Fix missing Yendorian monsters
  • Fix cornering issues in Lagoon
  • Fix “Shot” typo
  • Remove long message from mobile
  • Fix issues with PIN handling

Ananias 1.61, Greenlit on Steam!

Assorted news!

  • Ananias just had a very successful sale at; all funds will be used to further advance on the development and polish of the game.
  • On a related note, thanks in great part to the campaign the game has been Greenlit for distribution on Steam! I am doing all the paperwork and setup required and will be planning the features of the steam version for a successful release. THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO VOTED!
  • We are going live on Desura next May 22th.
  • Our submission to was rejected due to the game being “too small in scale in terms of production value” for their core users.
  • I am also working towards the release of the iOS version; I have created working versions but haven’t been able to test due to lack of iPhone devices; the good news is it works great on iPad after a lot of juggling with music files encoding!
  • If you missed it, check out the likelikelite episode 2 podcast where we talked a lot about the game.

Version 1.61 has been released! it’s now available on:

Windows, Mac and Linux




Version 1.61 brings these changes:


  • Arcane master can no longer unleash the full power of Elemental spells (however he can still use them safely)
  • All classes can now use wands to freeze and shock enemies
  • Friendly monsters no longer spend their summon points on safe rooms
  • Barbarian charges cannot be parried now

User Experience

  • Default message windows are now better looking using sweetAlert
  • Elemental spells now have new projectile graphics
  • Show player info on Title screen, remove Profile page
  • Changes on the “Online” menu to be easier to use


  • Fixed yet another issue with using items on the ground
  • Prevent befriending friendly monster’s summons as pets.
  • Added timeout for connections to the server to prevent unresponsive screens
  • Restored level 12 mini boss to Mermaid Queen
  • Remove sockets initialization preventing offline play


  • Migrated to Phaser 2.3.0
  • Changes in music decoding monitor
  • Use incremental version number for up to date check
  • Add back font loader to prevent issues with fonts
  • Change bit rate of music to allow iOS to decode

Pay what you want for Ananias on IndieGameStand, get “The Ancient Races” add-on

For 96 hours, Ananias Fellowship Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux will be available as a “Pay what you want” deal at, hurry up and get it while you can!

Additionally, if you beat the average price you will get a version bundled with “The Ancient Races” add-on, you’ll get early and inexpensive access to… Two new classes!!

Also remember to vote and share the news for the Steam Greenlight campaign!


Dumeril Sage

They are experts on the elemental magic, being able to unleash the full power of elemental spells safely and use them several times before they are consumed.

Ailorus Monk

They assault enemies from the distance and are masters of fighting with their bare claws. They are also inmune to sickness or power reducing spells.

Beating the average also gives you access to the game OST in high quality, be sure to check out our artist, Ashton Morris, on bandcamp for more cool game soundtracks!

The add-on will be available as a separate purchase for next versions once the modular system is in place.

Also check out the likelikelite podcast episode 2, where I we talk a lot about Ananias!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.10.20 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.06.34 AM

Ananias Roguelike 1.59.1 – Online mode for everybody!

New version available for either downloading, playing online or in Android.

Now everybody can create an account and play online with their friends!

Remember we are still (stuck) in Steam Greenlight, Ananias needs your vote and needs you to spread the word! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.34.40 PM


  • Activate online mode for standard edition.
  • Use for message emission
  • Add option to disconnect


  • Prevent throwing breakable effect-less items
  • Allow recovering pet
  • Spill items on drop, throw, steal death, disarm


  • Rearrange UI for Desktop
  • Widen notifications area and change animation
  • Disable pixellated look for media other than desktop
  • Dont show level descriptions on mobile
  • Blond elf
  • Fade out and in on new level
  • Add pets description


  • Fix duplicated items craziness hopefully
  • Prevent clicking on background buttons on title screen
  • Fix misplaced profile button
  • Prevent error with empty friend list on profile