Ananias 2015 downloads

Here are some rough approximate numbers for the downloads and sales for Ananias on 2015.

Storefront Platforms Downloads Sales Earnings Desktop 2,272 36 $169.85
indiegamestand Desktop 157 10 $34.04
gamejolt Desktop 6,074 0 $2.64
indiedb Desktop 12 0 $0.00
Play Store Android 17,213 489 $987.47
Total 25,728 535 $1,194.00

Ananias Wear is available!

Now you can get all sort of cool Ananias stuff!

Support the development of the game and spread the word¬†about it ūüôā

This first collection is dubbed Heroes of Ananias, and was illustrated by Laura Espinosa. It features characters from all eight player classes in a cute chibi-anime style.

You can get several styles of T-Shirts, tank-tops, hoodies and more wearable stuff here.


But that’s not all! there’s a lot of other cool stuff you can get, including stickers, smartphone/tablet/laptop cases, all types of prints, pillows, mugs and bags. Just pick your favourite character here, and then select the product you want ūüôā


Thank you for your support!

Ananias 1.71 released

Happy new year!

Won’t be able to work in the game in a while (back to work… yay.) so I decided to release this version. I’m trying to make each¬†release about 20 hours of development.

I’ve already laid out the plans to add at least two¬†unique active skills for each player class. They are likely to be available on 1.72

This version comes with a lot of Gameplay and User Experience changes. Check it out!


  • Brew methil potion with Arsenic + Borax.
  • Increase starting MP.
  • Increase MP bonus on Level Up.
  • Reduce spell costs.
  • Implement Magic effects for Tiaras.
  • Reduce boosted elemental magic modifier from 4 to 2.
  • Add pumped magic modifier x3.
  • Add¬†evading melee attacks.
  • Recover 20% of total HP on level up.
  • Remove Level 0 Level Up.
  • Make monster summons ephemeral, they die within some turns.
  • Make monster’s status be updated when in other rooms.
  • Make partial healing spells and items based on rolls.
  • (1.71.1) Give Arcane a bandage for survival.

User Experience

  • Add confirmation to kill character.
  • Show player info on new game.
  • Show player and pet info on a new scrollable popup.
  • Show player passive skills on player info popup.
  • Add damage roll to spell description.
  • Add prompt to select action when there’s a conflict on interacting with self (Pass turn / Pick Item / Use Pond / Use stairs).
  • Add custom alert/prompt dialog.
  • Show item summary on Chibi inventory panel.
  • Don’t stop quick movement because of friendlies.
  • Make inspector pop up on gameover on mobile.
  • Show more messages on the HUD message.
  • (1.71.1)¬†Disable combat messages temporary

Graphics / Sound

  • Change fountain animation cycle.
  • Change sword SFX.
  • Add remnants of an adventurer on item locations.


  • Upgrade to Phaser 2.4.4.
  • (1.71.1) Downgrade back to phaser 2.3.0, performance issues
  • (1.71.1) Fix issue with validation message for ammo
  • (1.71.1) Fix issue with action validation for scrolls using the item as source instead of the spell
  • (1.71.1) Fixes to prevent infinite cyclying tweens for player and pet due to tweening inaccuracies
  • (1.71.1) Init audio objects only after files loaded (Fix issue on phaser 2.4.4)
  • (1.71.2) Send crash reports to the devteam
  • (1.71.2) Prevent game from hanging on critical errors.


  • Fix issues with player and pet status not updating after Paral and on recovery.
  • Only show critical hit messages if hit.
  • Sort by zIndex when entering room.
  • Sort monsters whenever position changes.

Some stuff coming for Ananias in 2016

In addition to the Steam and iOS releases of Ananias 2.0, which I hope we’ll be doing on January (or February at most), there’s a couple other nifty stuff coming for Ananias in 2016.

Ananias Wear


Not to be confused with Ananias for Android Wear, we are going to be selling T-Shirts and other apparel with awesome brand new Chibi art for all player classes, illustrated by Laura Espinosa Art (A local artist from Medellin, Colombia).

Heroes of Ananias Miniature Collection


I’ve also been working with a friend on a¬†physical set of miniatures we will be selling initially in my country (Colombia). If all goes well we might start doing international shipments but we’ll see.

More info about¬†all this coming soon ūüôā


Ananias 1.70 released

It’s been more than 2 months since last version, I’ve been REALLY busy but finally managed to scrap some time.¬†The new version is HOT, read below for details!

Play now!

New Magic System!

There are 41 spells distributed in 4 schools of magic with 8 circles of power each. You player class determines the maximum circle of power you can reach for each school.

Powerful Magic

In order to cast spells you need to spend your Magic Points, your class determines your starting MP and you can extend them within the game as a stat upgrade. Ethyl and Methyl potions allow recovering MP. You also recover half your spent MP on level up.


Every time you level up you can either learn a new spell (from your current circle or power or the next one) or get a stat upgrade.

Learning Spells
Learning Spells

The wiki has been updated with the list of spells.

New equipment class: Headgear!

You can now equip helmets, hats and other kinds of headgear.

Headgear protects you from Head, Neck and Face hits which can be lethal. It can also enhance your stats or provide special effects like scaring your enemies or protecting you from diseases.

You can also wear it just to look cool in the dungeon.

New User Experience: Tablet

For Android (and iOS, in the future), you can now pick between the¬†phone optimised version (a.k.a. the Chibi UI) or the more complete tablet experience which includes the map and the inspector. I prefer the Chibi one, but now you can choose ūüôā

Ananias in a Phone
Ananias in a Phone
Ananias in a Tablet
Ananias in a Tablet


  • Generate potions in the map
  • Add weakness vs light and darkness for some monsters
  • Allow selecting an upgrade on first level
  • Increase initial carry to 19
  • Prevent warping when panicked

User Experience

  • Show game messages inside the game window (useful specially for Phone UI)
  • Request full screen on web version


  • Issues with music loading/decoding and cache handling
  • Issues with game level vs player level consistency
  • Add back music to silent level 1
  • Fix beard and head sprite handling
  • Fix issue with clicking behind Help panel and others
  • Prevent friendlies from using their skills against the player
  • Fix angelus potion
  • ChibiUI Adjust Promo Panel
  • Restore lifebar status on load game
  • Adjust columns on graveyard

Ananias 1.69 – ChibiUI for Mobile!

At long last, this new version implements huge changes on the UX for mobile devices. It’s now much easier and fun to play, take a look!

Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-19-18 Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-19-27 Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-19-50 Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-20-11

User Experience

  • ChibiUI:¬†A complete new user interface optimized for mobile devices
  • Add random tips on Help screen
  • Add overlays to buttons
  • (1.68.3)¬†Add life bars


  • Prevent warping when panicked
  • (1.68.3) Make enemies fly lower and center their sprites
  • (1.68.3) Prevent critical issue with Parry and Block enemy skills crashing the app
  • (1.68.3) Allow using targetted items when only friendlies in room (from ground and inventory)
  • (1.68.3) Prevent duplicate end of turn when brewing potions

No release for Desktop now, iOS still pending. Development continues, someday I’ll manage to hit the humble store and steam. The time hasn’t come yet, the game must be more complete!

Ananias 1.68 – Monsters assaulting rooms – 2015 ARRP

Just in time for 2015 AARP… new version is on and is a great game changer! rooms are no longer safe as monsters will now follow you or assault you from other rooms if you make a lot of noise! There’s also a bunch of new spells including panic and charm, and effects on all enemies in the room.

Take a look! Current version is only available online, will be deployed soon on Android and Desktop.

fearMyPower panick


  • Make monsters notice the player based on the noise he makes and chase him from other rooms.
  • Dungeon Sound: Alert nearby monsters when parrying or¬†blocking.
  • Dungeon Sound: Make explosion spells generate a lot of noise alerting enemies in all the dungeon.
  • Add spells to cause blindness, panic, confusion and charm to one or all enemies.
  • Add spells to detect items and monsters in all the level,
  • Panic:¬†Some enemies will flee from player (and into other rooms) when low on HP or under the influence of fear spells.
  • Player Panic: Fear skill may cause you to lose control and try to flee in panic.
  • Make some monster inmune to blindness (no eyes).
  • Make some monsters yell to call for nearby support.
  • Telepathy skill for monsters: Allows feeling the presence of the player and chasing him.
  • Make friendly monsters follow player on safe rooms.
  • Changes on ranged attacks AI to retreat into attacking range.

User Experience

  • Added different languages and make enemies yell when attacking or fleeing
  • Remove music from first level
  • Animation for floating enemies
  • Don’t unequip ranged weapon if spent to allow quicker reloading
  • Fix status ailments cluttering the inventory panel


  • Save statues collection on online account
  • Sort monster sprites by depth.

Ananias 1.67 – More stable!

Two critical crash bugs were introduced on v1.66 due to two new features: Smarter pets which won’t get in your way for ranged attacks, and fish adornments for the underground lagoon. Had to release quicker than expected in order to fix these, sorry about that.

Level generation has also been reworked and should be much lighter now, which may help the game work better on low end devices.

Assorted News:

  • The campaign to fund cool new features has stalled…. please share it to make it happen!
  • iOS version is still on testflight, I think I’ll release along with the Steam release so it might take a bit but it’ll be much better.


The cave leading to the entrance of the crypts
The cave leading to the entrance of the crypts

Get the new version!


  • Make first level a cave
  • Auto select target when using items on ground


  • Optimize level generation time greatly!
  • Remove autosave on cocoon


  • Crash when pet wont get on the way of a ranged attack but has nowhere to go
  • 2 Crashes for fish adornments on Lagoon
  • Status not updated¬†immediately on HUD
  • Friend count on title screen¬†not being refreshed after adding
  • Player stats not being refreshed on level up
  • Throw button hidden after¬†unsuccessful throw
  • Prevent using items when dead by double clicking

Ananias 1.66 released – Confusion, Hallucination, Smarter Monsters, back to CocoonJS

Remember: We have a new crowdfunding campaign to build a lot of features! Please contribute and share!

A first batch of gameplay changes, including three new statuses (Confused, Hallucinating and Blind) to give more variety to the game. I have also increased the quantity of healing items, to give you more chances to survive.

I’ve switched back to cocoonJS, but now using the¬†new, which is built on top of Cordova so most cordova plugins work (yay!).


  • Better performance on Android <4.4
  • Better performance on iOS
  • Unified execution environment for Android means I don’t have to fiddle with differences between Android versions (in theory)


  • No CLI means much slower deployment cycles (The current CLI is deprecated and will be phased out soon)
  • Cloud based means I can’t fiddle with Cordova source and tweak things, I have to do with what they have (so I find something not supported by them, I’m screwed)
  • I depend again on the Ludei team and their pace of development which varies a lot (but they are working better now from what I see). In any case if all fails I can go back to cordova anytime now that the game has been conditioned for it.

There are some issues for the iOS version tho, I hope to have them solved soon (else I’ll have to go back to cordova for iOS). Once they are solved I’ll ping all of you who have offered to test the game via testflight, please be patient!

Get the new version!


  • New status: Confused: May attack friendly monsters or stumble in an unwanted direction. Accuracy with ranged weapons and thrown items greatly reduced. Cannot read spells.
  • New status: Hallucinating: Monster and item appearances may change, making the subject unable to identify them. As such may attack friendly monsters. Cannot read spells.
  • New status: Blind: Can’t see the rooms. Cannot read spells
  • Add skills for monsters to cause confusion, blindness and hallucination.
  • Increase quantity of healing items
  • Increase power of healing¬†items
  • Add bonus against undead enemies for certain weapons.


  • Prevent friendly monsters from getting on the way of player attacks
  • Make monster pick from nearby enemies when several are at attack range.


  • Show status modifications on the HUD
  • Use same graphics for running indicators on zoomed and quick mode.
  • Double click on item on inventory to use it
  • Add fishes to the lagoon


  • Prevent creation of extremely big rooms
  • Fix issue trying to move off the room


  • Use new cloud service for Android and iOS instead of Apache Cordova
  • Support separate version for ARM¬†and x86 android architectures
  • Allow moving game to SD card

Funding campaign for Ananias 2.0

It’s been above a year since the development of Ananias took off.

A lot of work have been put on it and, with the support of the community, we have been able to create a playable game, deploy it on Android and Desktop and we have an iOS version already on the way. All goals for the first funding campaign have been fulfilled.

But while people has given a warm welcome to a roguelike that¬†provides straightforward gameplay and is easy to play (specially in mobile devices), there’s also been a feeling that something is missing…¬†that with just some more ingredients, the experience of playing Ananias could be much deeper and satisfying.

So, here I am asking you, the community, to contribute and help us create the next groundbreaking version of Ananias, something that will provide an ultimate roguelike playing experience.

Please check the funding campaign, and share it with your friends!


Powerful Magic Spells

Powerful Magic

Magic has always been a key feature of fantasy worlds, and while Ananias supports two magic user classes and a number of spells, there is plenty of room to mage magic more diverse and fun.

We will add magic spellbooks; casters will be able to use them multiple times to cast different spells. These ancient tomes are heavy and must be taken care of since they can be destroyed by all dangers presents in the dungeon. Unlike scrolls, most of which can be used by people with only slight knowledge of the arcane, spellbooks are dangerous and cryptic, and as such only experienced magicians can use them.

New, more destructive spells will have a bigger area of effect, hitting several enemies at a time with fiery or shocking explosions or affecting the whole level and its inhabitants.

But it’s not only raw destruction what will be added; surviving this quest is harder every time with enemies being able to inflict¬†an ever growing set¬†of maladies over the player… spells being able to prevent or heal confusion, blindness , hallucination and another complications will also be available for the player.

Additionally, there will be spells able to grant special powers to its caster: floating around avoiding enemies and obstacles, manipulating objects from the distance using telekinesis, detecting the minds of sentient beings via telepathy and others.

Finally, mages will also be able to enchant weapons adding capabilities to them, for example a simple “Mace” could become a “Blessed Mace of Undead Slaying”.


New types of items

imagen 5

Part of a complete roguelike experience is handling a large set of artifacts and gear and taking important choices on what to wear to survive longer in the dungeon. We will craft, forge and imbue with magic a large collection of new different item types.

  • Amulets: Provide protection against negative effects (paralysis, confusion) or some kind of magical damage.
  • Rings: Grant¬†special magic powers¬†(invisibility, power, luck, seeing invisible entities, and more).
  • Boots: Provide physical protection and optionally grant movement bonuses or allow floating or walking on damaging terrain without taking damage.
  • Shields: Allow blocking attacks, including magical attacks.
  • Helmets/Hats: Grant special magic powers and/or provide physical protection
  • Clothing: Most of which may not provide significant advantage, but you can use it to personalize your character.

Additionally, a whole lot of new weapons and armor will be integrated into the game, adding more variety to each gameplay session.


Monster Manipulation Magic

Imagen 1

The spells of Deko Ben Morono (Transform into magic figurine) and Mani Morono (Bring life into figurine) will allow the player to keep monsters in his backpack and bring them to life when needed.

Additionally, new spells and items will allow teaching skills to monsters, allowing the adventurer to adapt a monster to his needs to survive.

Monsters will have new skills: breathing fire, splashing enemies with acid, gathering power from the environment, bringing havoc to other monster’s minds and many others.

You will also be able to equip friendly monsters with magic artifacts, weapons and protective gear.

The Goal

In order to create these new features for Ananias, a lot of development time should be invested and payment for the artists for pixel art, illustrations, sound effects and music should be done. Processing fees for contributions on the crowdfunding platform and international bank transfers are also part of the cost of making this a reality.

Even with us assuming most of the development time, we need 2.000 USD to make Ananias 2.0 an outstanding roguelike available in multiple platforms.

But wait… there’s more!

Stretch Goals


The Ruined City of Adrianopolis


The ruins of this ancient city serve as a meeting ground for players hoping to explore the Tombs of Ananias; here you will be able to talk to other players online, get support and share your experiences. All this from within the game, in any of its platforms (Android, iOS or Desktop)

As more warriors and wizard¬†arrive to look for the ring of Ananias, Adrianapolis lives a temporary period of renewal, with people creating temporary settlements around the town for their own protection against the unforgiven wilderness, and an informal economy around a currency (the “luca“) used to buy land patches and construction materials.

The ruins of the city are divided into sectors, you can buy a sector for you or your clan of adventurers, upload your banner and¬†customize it using stuff you find in the dungeon.¬†You’ll be able to create your own in game avatar and use to interact with other people in the city and within the game.

At 3.000 USD, this is the first stretch goal for the campaign.


Support for mods


A dimensional portal allowing players to explore completely different universes has appeared in the forests near the tomb of Ananias. Using the correct magic words, people can now adventure into strange worlds, and worse yet, they have found out how to create new worlds and share them with others so they can live adventures on them.

The Ananias Central will rise as a portal allowing players to adventure into worlds created by other players. Browse the worlds created by the community and load them from within the game, share your mod with other players via Internet.

With only basic text editing skills you will be able to design your own dungeon sets with a completely different setting, creating your own player classes, monsters races and their skills as well as the items to be found in the game.

Additionally, all mods to be made public will be curated and classified so that only mods that comply with the development team criteria in terms of being complete and stable will be featured and accessible by other players.

At 4.000 USD, this is the second stretch goal for the campaign.

The Perks

All perks get the fellowship edition on Steam, including the 4 extended classes and all the new features we are developing.

  • 1 USD –¬†Adventurer
    • Thank you for contributing to the development of the game, have fun with the fellowship edition you are obtaining at a discounted price!
  • 10 USD –¬†Dead Hero
    • Your name and a short epitaph may randomly appear on the tombstones found in the dungeon!
    • We will deposit 2.000 lucas to your online Ananias account
  • 20 USD – Wise monk
    • We will include a short writing of yours in one of the books that can be found in the dungeon.
    • We will deposit 10.000 lucas to your online Ananias account
  • 50 USD –¬†Guardian of the Tombs
    • We will include you as a named guardian of the tombs, a member of a feline race that helps players in the dungeon by providing useful tips and items. This includes adding your name and a description of your choice that fits in the game.
    • We will add yourself in a poster with all the guardians of the tombs, to be posted online.
    • We will deposit 50.000 lucas into your online Ananias account
  • 100 USD – Ancient¬†Wizard
    • We’ll create a new monster race in the game based on your specifications.
    • We will include you as an ancient wizard, a powerful enemy of the depths.
    • We will deposit 100.000 lucas into your online Ananias account

What can I use the Lucas for?

If we manage to get to the first stretch goal, you can use the Lucas in the ruined city of Adrianopolis to buy plots of land for you or your clan, as well as repair them to make them more livable; buying a plot of land on the ruins or around costs 10.000 lucas, and repairing a sector costs 2.000.

The lucas can also be obtained inside the game, if you manage to get deep enough in the dungeon, but having these deposited in your account will give you a lot of advantage to get the best spots in the city before other players can.

In case we don’t make it to the stretch goal, we will still deposit the lucas in your online account. Don’t worry, we’ll find an use for them.

Alchemist archer1 mage