Ananias Roguelike 1.58 – Downloadable versions!

A new version is available, you can now download the game for PC, Mac and Linux… just be sure to keep up to date (the game will remind you :)). The downloads are free, and just for the standard edition for now. You can download them from or GameJolt.

If you download from you have the option of contributing some money for development, which you will promptly do.

And as usual, you can play online or download for android

We got word from Desura and we will go live there on May 26 :D, meanwhile we are waiting for word from GoG, and the Steam greenlight campaign has stalled… please share with everybody you can!

As more platforms get supported, releasing the game becomes a very time consuming job. This means it’s likely for releases to take a bit longer from now on… next massive release will likely be 2.0

Only iOS remains pending, but I have not forgotten you, my iPhone-loving friends


  • Setup nw.js for downloadable versions (Mac, Windows and Linux)
  • Change aspect ratio to 16:9 for desktop (more space)
  • Disable scaling interpolation for Chrome and Chromium
  • Check for current version on initialization
  • Remove invisible item click sprites to prevent issues
  • New tileset for lagoon
  • Add splash screen
  • Darker bookshelves

4 thoughts on “Ananias Roguelike 1.58 – Downloadable versions!

  1. Rock on Slashie! Keep up the good work and never stop improving my favorite web-based and Android roguelike!

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