Ananias 1.80 released

A new title screen has been commissioned and thus a new deadline for the Steam release (2 weeks). Some important changes in this release include:

  • Weapons and armor can be used even if ruined, but they aren’t as effective
  • A first version of the intro is added
  • Guardians are now immune to most status maladies.
  • Watcher for game hanged to make sure the game doesn’t hang!

I’m also now using butler, the command line tool from, to automate the deployment of the new versions. Since it’s my first deploy using it I had to do some manual steps (setting display name, changing minimum price and delete the old versions), I supposed I will no longer be doing that for the next releases, since they will be tied to the preexisting “channels”, which are going to be incremental)

Some action

Full list of relevant changes


  • Allow using and throwing ruined weapons and armor (they are no longer completely destroyed!)
  • Guard bosses from panic, charm, confusion, polymorph and blind.
  • Check protection vs status effects based on player magic power.
  • Reduce quantity of pebbles in favor of reagents
  • Reduce quantity of Healing and Zinc potions
  • Make explosion damage independent on strength (for thrown potions)


  • First version of the ingame intro
  • Autorecover pet when player enters a room
  • Add animation to fade into the magic circle
  • Change color of arrows for contrast with text
  • Play SFX for ranged attacks
  • Add “musings of tripaseca” book
  • Fix colors of wizard preview
  • Don’t switch perception nor show scratches if blind


  • Add watcher for “Game Hanged”, this utility should let me know when the game hangs and try to recover it for you.
  • Add watcher for file loading errors, it will let you know if some files could not be loaded (for example because of network issues or a firewall)

Critical Fixes

  • Fix critical issue where confused enemies with ranged attacks would cause the game to hang


Ananias 2016 Downloads

Here are some rough approximate numbers for the downloads and sales for Ananias on 2016.

Storefront Platforms Downloads Sales Earnings Desktop 5148 73 $333.84
indiegamestand Desktop 204 1 $3.47
gamejolt Desktop 571 0 $0.5
indiedb Desktop 38 0 $0.00
Play Store Android 12,501 288 $691.23
Total 18462 362 $1,029.04

Everything is lower compared to 2015, (except average earnings per unit, may be because of more units sold in desktop).

Still haven’t done a full launch and haven’t invested in advertising.

Development costs were much higher of course…. lots of development time was invested. We shall see if it pays off with the releases on Steam and iOS, as well as when its advertised more openly.

Ananias 1.79 released!

Worked heavily on the game on December. The biggest changes on this version are:

  • Character Creation: You can now customize your character’s appearance and tweak its starting stats.


  • Hardcore Mode: Is the game too easy for you? this mode bring stronger enemies which will storm you to death! A separate graveyard is available for it.
  • Rune Portals: I have wanted to remove stairs for a long time since they didn’t really fit in the theme (why can’t I go back?) Now you’ll have to explore the level to find the runes and activate the portal to go into the next level.


This is the complete changelog:


  • Changed stairs for portals + runes you have to find to activate them
  • Add hardcore mode
  • Allow allocating bonus points for stats
  • Implement range bonuses for bows for hunter
  • Autorecover pet when stepping on room
  • Only allow using bandages and potions on flesh entities


  • Avatar customization: Set your skin tone, hair color, type and beard.
  • Allow changing character name
  • Autoreload arrows when attacking
  • Reduce size of rooms on mobile
  • Add missing tap sounds to all buttons
  • Dynamic online help based on device
  • Add attack effect based on its type
  • Make enemies stop breathing when stunned or frozen
  • Pause breathing animation while paralyzed
  • Bigger “back” buttons for mobile compact
  • Add option to exit game for desktop
  • Activate full screen for desktop
  • Rearrange menus
  • Remove “show arrows” setting
  • Only show the scores for the current version and difficulty
  • Open external URLs in a separate window when running in nw.js
  • Add explosions for all spells, and varying explosion size
  • Show effect on inspector for all monsters, not just pet


  • Fix issue with email regex
  • Ugly hack to prevent chrome from autofilling fields
  • Critical issue with weapon bonuses
  • Fix issue with close button always visible on canvas rendering
  • Fix issue with color interpolations
  • Prevent issue with pet sprite misplaced after entering room

SPID9 – Metal Gear: The Roguelike

I will be posting SPIDs (Slashie’s Project Idea Drafts) in the blog, they will be short ideas for games or other projects I may or may not develop into full projects. May be someone will be inspired by them and save me the trouble of developing them.

Back in 2008 I planned to do a Metal Gear themed roguelike for a game dev compo. Sadly I had no time for it.


  • Infiltrate a base as a FOXHOUND special forces operative
  • Explore the randomly generated multi-building jungle base complex.
  • Stealthy rescue hostages and increase your rank
  • Avoid guards, they are bad
  • Find stealthy and not so stealthy weapons (Knifes, Handguns, Machineguns, Explosives and Rocketry)
  • Destroy mass-destruction nuclear-warhead-armed gigantic Metal Gear mechas
  • Meet new people and make friends with your transceiver.

Original thread at TigSource forums here

ROGUElike ONE v2, now with graphics

A roguelike based in the ROGUE ONE Star Wars story

Play online now!

Decided to go ahead an add graphics since there was basic support for them already on Rodney. Used Oryx 16bit sci-fi tileset as a start, tweaked it a bit (in particular added the storm troopers). As with the previous terminal version, one big chunk of work was getting the “laser” animations to work, since that was not part of the design of the original Rodney.


There are other things the current engine doesn’t support, like animation. I may work them out in the near future. Currently one big issue seems to be a memory leak hidden somewhere which may kill your game after about 10 minutes of play (lost a promising rogue already on floor 13)


I’m pretty happy how this one’s shaping up. The backlog slowly fills based on player’s feedback and my own playtesting


A roguelike based in the ROGUE ONE Star Wars story

Play online now!


How to play?

Your mission is to infiltrate Scarif, find the blueprints of the Death Star and beam them to the Rebellion mothership hovering over the planet.


Press Enter plus a direction to fire your ranged weapon, press space bar to access your inventory and use items, or pick up items, or use stairs when you find them.


Every two levels you’ll get to select a new skill for your character, these are triggered just by moving around (for example, cornering an enemy against a wall or jumping on a wall to evade them)



Rogue one was pretty cool, so I decided to mod Rodney and transform it into a new game.

It was not a straightforward conversion tho… Rodney has no ranged combat, which is essential to the Star Wars universe, so I had to implement it. Needless to say it was no easy task since the game was design to have all action happen sequentially (i.e. the outcomes of all enemies actions happened immediately).

I also removed the “light source” mechanics (which are a pretty big thing in Rodney) since they didn’t make much sense on this new universe.

The online features of Rodney (basically a “community” level where people could move around and chat) were also disabled since the websockets server for Rodney is disabled, I couldn’t invest time into that and I’m not sure it even adds something to the game.

I’m thinking on making a graphics version, since Rodney already supports graphics, but I’m trying to get some help from a pixel artist. Please contact me if you are interested.

Ananias Roguelike 1.78 released. Bigger rooms, more animations, keyboard commands and more!

Another awesome update is available! This one was delayed a bit by issues with my main dev macbook laptop, which decided to stop working properly and I haven’t been able to fix completely even after using all the spells I know. At least I now have a legit excuse for not releasing the iOS version 🙂

I also did an initial full pixel-art version of the new trailer, since my macbook is no longer operational (I’m not even sure the current work on the trailer is safe), that will take a little bit more.I intend again for this version to be the final way feature wise for the release on iOS and Steam. But that doesn’t mean much… I have had the same intent for about a year.Check the full changes log below!

The entrance to the Temple of Ananias
Bigger rooms
Resetting password via email

User Experience

  • Animation for player!
  • Add dungeon entrance
  • Make monsters and player shake when hit
  • Replace integrity with description for weapons and armor
  • Allow moving by tapping any floor tile
  • Allow switching weapons using Tab
  • Allow throwing items with keyboard (“T”)
  • Allow switching targets (Tab) and confirming (Enter) or cancelling actions(Esc) with keyboard.
  • Reduce 1 minute of dungeon silence


  • Allow recovering password via email


  • Implement two handed weapons (Can’t wear shield at the same time)
  • Add two handed bonus for some weapons. (Staffs, spears, etc)
  • Increase size of rooms
  • Generate rocks and reagents as a separate item group (more reagents to play with)
  • Multiple types of room per level
  • Remove “No spells used” Conduct when using a scroll
  • Remove “Could use carbine” “skill”
  • Make altars and wells not block ranged attacks


  • Always hit with melee wands if wand expert
  • Invisible invisible player sprite
  • Enemy attack check for required min range
  • Tweaks on 2.5D walls generation.
  • Add new monster images on manual
  • Fix issue with boots ground sprites

Enhanced process for hybrid apps

Some months ago I wrote about the pain that it was to create a new build, I’d like to update that with my current setup which is much better tho not still super optimal.

I have reduced the manual steps prone to failure as well as the bandwidth cost. The release and announcement part is still manual tho, so I still don’t to release for all platforms and forget to announce thru all channels.

The parts have been removed in favor of a pure Cordova/Crosswalk approach, which have made possible lots of automatisation.

Still, what takes more time is the manual process to be done for each different storefront via its own web interface. Each one requires different info, and all uploads have to be started and monitored manually. It’s pretty uncommon for a store to supply a command line tool.

This is the current process executed for each new release of Ananias:


  • Mark the new version in the source code (client and server)
  • Execute the packaging script for each platform, it does the following:
    • Generate a new JS bundle using browserify
    • Generate the player’s manual
    • Copy the required assets based on the platform
    • Do platform specific things like using cordova/crosswalk, nw.js, signing and zipaligning APKs, etc.
    • These are currently shell scripts, no fancy gulp or grunt for now
  • Rename and zip the executable packages for Windows, Mac and Linux (Should add this to the script)
  • Execute the cordova build for iOS
  • Build changes log from git commit messages


  • Upload new build to web ( (About 15MB) (Only Standard edition)
  • Deploy new server version and restart (About 1MB) (including executing migration database scripts)
  • Upload to via web interface (About 200MB )
  • Sign in to google play developers console
  • Summarize change log for Google Play
  • Upload both x86 and arm APKs (About 100 MB)
  • Upload both APKs to Amazon via web interface (About 100MB)
  • Upload to indiegamestand via web interface (About 200MB)
  • Upload to gamejolt via web interface (About 200MB) (Only Standard Edition)
  • Upload to IndieDB via web interface (About 200MB) (Only Standard Edition)
  • Open xcarchive in xcode organizer
  • Submit package to App Store
  • Wait for processing
  • Go to iTunes Connect
  • Go to Testflight / External Testing
  • Select new build to test
  • Wait for beta review
  • Go back to Testflight / External Testing
  • Set the new build as active.

The process should be executed twice, once for the Standard Edition and then again for the Fellowship edition.

The dream of having a single web endpoint, and have all the clients deal with the updating is still far from happening.


Ananias 1.77 released – Animations for monsters, portrait mode back

The changelog may look small, but a lot of work went into this one. I decided to jump into it, put on the pixel artist hat and make the animations for monsters myself… the game looks much more alive now! The last version was also a bit too easy, so I had to address that. Finally, attack spells are much much cheaper now, so I hope the magic-user classes are more powerful now.


Another visible change is the return of the “Portrait” mode for mobile, it seems a lot of people liked it, since it allows seeing the map and the object inspector all the time, and it can be used with a single hand. I still like more the more compact Chibi UI, but I understand it’s a valid choice if your screen is big enough!




  • Reduce MP costs for spells GREATLY.
  • Remove intrinsic “noise” penalty for Paladin and Barbarian
  • Reduce chance of enemies alerting nearby monsters
  • Reduce strength of alerts by enemies (their cries for help now reach less rooms)
  • Increase HP for deep enemies and bosses
  • Add more enemies per floor on deep floors

User Experience

  • Idle animations for all enemies and monsters!
  • Added back portrait mode for mobile


  • Fix crash when using brewed potions while hallucinating
  • Fix issue with some actions breaking the flow when on chemistry mode

Steam and iOS versions

I keep shortening the list in order to make this happen more quickly. Right now it’s down to two items:

  • Idle animation for player. This isn’t simple since it requires building the animation frames dynamically based on what the player is wearing.
  • A new trailer, I will remove the animation sequence and replace it all with pixel art footage from the game.


Production of Dumeril statues and the new t-shirts is still halted. I haven’t been able to push neither of these forward, I’m investing whatever little time I have directly into the game development.

The Kramora Times #4 – Ananias 1.76 released

TL;DR – Get the new version from Play or play online

This is the fourth edition of The Kramora Times, you favorite and more reliable source for all Ananias-related information. You can now subscribe to receive this newsletter in your email too!

Ananias Version 1.76 released!

It’s been over two months since the last release of Ananias. I had set myself the goal of the next version going straight into Steam.

Alas, I have to change plans again… I jumped into some projects and I don’t feel I can handle the workload of the release and all that is related to it while responding to these other projects responsibly.


However, I have to say this is very close to the scope I have planned for Steam. May be next version will finally be it? I have been saying this for months now.

Conduct Tracking

There were some important internal changes, specially in the packaging system (Using Cordova and Crosswalk without passing thru for much quicker development and release). They are likely to break things so I hope players are patient.

I also added an in-game manual (also accessible from the website, here). Bits of it are generated directly from the game source code, in order to keep it up to date! The wiki was also updated, with data generated from the game.

Sample of the manual 

Another big thing is that you can now also generate tombstones for your characters and share them with your friends. See this one for example!


So, with all the work that went into this one,  and given that I won’t be able to work back on the game for the following one or two months, I’m releasing this version. Check out the list of exciting changes below!!


  • Allow unloading weapons
  • Add conduct tracking:
    • No scrolls used
    • No spells used
    • No potions used
    • No bandages used
    • No weapons used
    • No armor used
    • No kills
    • No room unexplored
  • Add Zinc potion to recover from paralysis, blind, confusion and hallucination
  • Grant upgrade bonuses if 100% level explored
  • Make deep level enemies stronger
  • Tweaks on fleeing AI
  • Add Sir Glenn NPC, guaranteed crossbow at level 7


  • Generate tombstone page with player info on death
  • Allow sharing tombstone page on twitter and facebook

User Experience

  • Add in-game manual you can check anytime, including bestiary
  • Change UX for mixing reagents
  • Play random dungeon music instead of tied to level
  • Remove Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup title
  • Make better use of space in dialogs in small screens
  • Prevent unselecting pet when cycling thru shepherd
  • Added extended title theme
  • Add option to Exit Game on desktop
  • Show stats when dying or winning
  • Show level summary on completion
  • Mouse movement in desktop with invisible arrows


  • Prevent issue when throwing potions only 1 shot spent
  • Prevent keyboard actions when modal dialog present


  • Generate manual and wiki text automatically
  • Added build scripts for web, android and desktop, including different level of audio quality.

    Steam Version

    Pending things for the release:

    • Detailed GFX for weapons and armor. May be important, not sure if I’ll be able to get an artist for it.
    • Adding more plot and may be even random stories. After talking with Thomas Biskup on the Roguelike celebration, I have reconsidered this and I think I should invest a bit on it.
    • Stealth mechanics, make it so that monsters not always notice players (add fov) may be even add fov for players?
    • Berserk tactics, extreme attack bonus when naked for some classes.

    Also pending for this is the new trailer, preparing promotional material and setting up a Thunderclap campaign (probably). All these will require money so I hope I can get support for it from the hardcore Ananias believers!

      Roguelike Celebration 2016 – A missed chance?

      As described on a previous post, I went to this unique event on San Francisco last month. It was a great chance to meet roguelike developers and players.

      Sadly, I missed this chance to promote the game in what was possibly the best targeted event in the world for Ananias’ potential players. I should have brought some info about it or pitched the game more… however time was pretty short, and I’m glad I got to share time with the amazing devs there at least.

      Dumeril Sage statues: production halted 

      There have been some issues with the production of the Dumeril Sage statues… the process is just too hard for me to handle, I don’t have a partner who can take of all of it to deliver finished products and at a good pace. May be it’s not time yet for this. At least I have managed to deliver some of the statues to people I really esteem and I hope they are enjoying them.

      The latest batch of statues, no flame, no staff, sometime they’ll be complete

      An alternative I’m considering is having smaller statues and using 3d printing instead. It’s a bit expensive but may be much easier to handle.

      For the t-shirts I am thinking on having an alternate design that can be printed on higher quality shirts (more durable). Thanks to all who already pre-ordered for your patience, I’m hoping to deliver a good quality product.