A new year has begun

And so, 2007 is gone.

It was a pretty sucessful year as for game development. CastlevaniaRL advanced from a playable product to a stable and enjoyable game (although there is still work to do, see later); it got many positive reviews, it seems the Java requirements have somewhat prevented it from being widespread. Also, we had two website migrations, including a new domain (slashie.net) and while the community and the download count has remained small, I hope it will grow in the future.

DrashRL advanced from a pretty basic and boring 7DRL to a full, stable, finished game. The lack of an unique plot may have prevented the game from being enjoyed by more people (probably). This is the project I am most proud of until now.

MetroidRL got almost no attention all year long, saving end of year when work on a new revolutionary version  (ehem)  started. No releases were made though.

A 7DRL challenge left us with ZeldaRL, which scope was kind of what I wanted and in which I experimented with several ideas (randomly generated CA based overworld supporting randomly generated world distribution, Zelda-like roomed levels with keys and artifacts).

Guardian Angel was not really developed all along the year saving some minor efforts; all energy went to DrashRL, CvRL 1.26 and MetroidRL 0.8 

The MyBuddy project was started and the first version is intended to be released real soon,

The Roguetemple and Roguetemple forums were created and have become increasingly popular as an information media about roguelikes.

So here go the plans for this year, as for development:

MyBuddy ( http://szdev.livejournal.com) (http://mybuddy.slashie.net will be available soon)
Will be online for tests on January. If there is enough attention I may work back on it to release a stable first version by March

MetroidRL ( http://slashie.net/metroidrl/ )
I will work on version 0.8 after myBuddy is on test; it will be released by February, if all goes well, all that is going into it has been discussed on http://slashie.net

Guardian Angel
This will be the year of Guardian Angel, I am putting all my energies back on it after MetroidRL 0.8 is released

CastlevaniaRL ( http://slashie.net )
There is already a big and growing list of RFEs and BRs… I will find a space to work them out by March and thus release CvRL 1.3

And that’s it for the goal list, I just hope I can get enough time and willpower to work it out.

All that is needed is a task list, decent feedback and time to spend 😉

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