Expedition: Days 9, 10. Version 0.1.2 Released!

This is to be the last near-7DRL version, now the world map loads much quicker and you can safely save your game!

Implementing partial loading maps was not an easy task, but enhanced the runtime experience exponentially..

Next versions will add more features, outside of the 7DRL scope!

Download the game at http://slashie.net

- 0000499: [Task] Change starting location for spain
- 0000491: [Task] Implement partial loading map
- 0000524: [Bug Report] Error loading map file on linux

Expedition Stats

Aprox. Work Time: 36:00 (32:00+4:00)
Source Files: 51
LOC: 4738
SLOC-L: 2592

Serf Stats

Aprox. Work Time: 16:00 (10:00+6:00)
Source Files: 68
LOC: 7266
SLOC-L: 3849

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