Expedition: Days 41 and 42


  • Make temperature affect food consumption
  • Make mountains affect temperature
  • Simulate Intertropical Convergence Zone with calm winds
  • Increase storm chance on the doldrums
  • Esc should exit menus/shops as Space already does
  • FIXED: If your expedition is carrying equipment when you establish a town, transferring colonists can cause you to got beyond your weight limit. You will get a message that says you’ve passed your weight limit and the colonists will be lost, and after that it’s impossible to get out of the town creation screen since you need to transfer at least 100 people.
  • FIXED: The icon for the bow and crossbow looks oddly sword like.
  • FIXED: When you buy things, or otherwise input, the input area is not always at the end of the text, so you end up overwriting text with your input
  • FIXED: the 0 (zero) on the top row above the keyboard doesn’t work, only the numpad one does, which is annoying on a laptop
  • FIXED: Some of the text on the help screen is mashed together… the lines between fire and repair. looks like two lines printed in the same space


  • Calm winds (Block movement on sea)
  • Shouldn’t be able to stop while on the sea (add anchoring?)
  • FIX: Game hangs when a ship is destroyed
  • Ensure the combat system is working decently (if not optimally)
  • Adjust the GFX UI a bit
  • Validate the Console UI is up to date and adjust for not-eye
  • Implement Inventory screen on the GFX version

Aprox. Work Time: 133:00 (129:00+2:00+2:00)

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