Exult Turn Based Combat: Small advancements

Been working on the actual Turn Based Combat flow, I’m now using some of the “time_stop” support for the actual battle turns (That is, the way the engine handles the “Stop Time” spell).

The game now stops when in combat mode and I’m also counting the player steps and ending his turn when it hits a limit. Also, using a timer I’m reenabling the player after 2 seconds.

It starts shaping up but there are still some things to do:

  • The avatar’s combat AI is still kicking in, even when he is not in his turn and he’s set to Manual combat mode. So, as long as we are not trying to move he’s going to go ahead and attack nearby enemies nonetheless.
  • The party members keep following me, haven’t been able to make them stick on their place until it’s their turn to move.

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