NovaMundi – Week 96 Update

NovaMundi is coming to Steam Early 2021, remember to Wishlist it if you like what you see. We also have a Mailing list now, so make sure to subscribe to it as well, if you want the news to reach your email directly. Now, let’s go to the news! 

The Pilgrimage to Hunza

Continued work on enabling the first scenario of the Children of Bachué campaign, integrating on it a lot of what we have so it can serve as a full demo with adequate onboarding. This included removing the “roads” between locations (since they were making the entire point of exploring moot), populating the map with smaller settlements and individual huts (giving indications to nearby places), as well as animals, plants, and enemies.

The entire discoveries facet was tweaked to work with the Muisca civ, along with presentation fixes for the “journal”.

I also completed the translation to English for all its dialogs and cutscenes.

Improvements on Exploration

Did some groundwork for random chatter happening while you are exploring, as well as adding support for things you suddenly remember. The reason behind these is adding some more flavor to the long exploration sessions.

Visual Improvements

We fixed the fog so it looks good in “High” detail level. I normally don’t include bug fixes in these dev reports, but this one’s worth mentioning since it had a strong visual impact; turns out disabling “Soft Particles” in Unity makes the look super bad when interacting with other models… this was evident in the latest gameplay vids we recorded for Tokyo Game Show, but I thought they were video compression artifacts.

User Experience

The onboarding was reactivated and updated, which required yet another UI relayout as the lower left area is going to be reserved for the “floating” character (which is going to be used for other things beside the onboarding, including random chatter from other expedition members, and introspective moments from the main character).

When talking with someone, keywords are now removed when used, which makes it much cleaner. I also removed non tradeable items from the list when trading, so you cannot “sell back” people you hired (or party members), only hire new ones.

Expedition to Santa Marta

Managed to return safely to my hometown in Medellín, although got a bit sick in the days after. Captured some amazing scenery for vegetation and geography reference, and information about the Tayrona culture, which will likely make it to the game some day.

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