Here I am

Well… The university is finishing, and it is time to get back to my projects…

.. A “very refactored” version of CRL is gonna be released in about one week… I have to work a lot on it, as I am changing some of the basics of the engine and the UI, which were born at the haste of the 7DRL race…

… I got into a new project, SmileEngine, a simple cRPG engine, designed to create classic FF like games. I know there are many out there, but ours will be really easy to use, and it will be completely data driven.

… OfficeRL is on hold… I don’t really know what the future of the project will be… as neither me nor Miless seem to have enough energies to work on it

… about Guardian Angel, one month ago I got into some work for it (The third remake); unfortunately, I decided to go back to design after a cool development rush of about two days… so I collected all the related papers and began pasting them into a document. However, I have yet to work more on it.

.. GREEKIE doesn’t seem to interest a lot of people… the design doc has enough ideas now but we must think on the actual implementation… I dont think however that there will be any work in the next months.

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