The so-called Quest for Balance, Part the III

Current Work: CvRL 1.26


It was a hard work… indeed… but finally, the intiial setup is done. I am tired.

After days of spreadsheeting I finally got back to the code and implemented all the schemas that were devised during this important process…

I also changed the monster definition loading component; it now reads monster data from two encrypted files, an csv (for the tabular data) and a xml (for the complex datatypes such as ai modules)

Some light playtesting was made, the game is working fine and some things must be polished.

Today, the call for playtesters was announced, I hope to have a good quantity of eyes over this version, they are needed.

For now, Valkeera, Jered Cain and JZeth have volunteered as playtesters… thank you guys (and girl)

Picture here

It is coming!

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