Pixal v0.19 released!

Hello people! Long time since you last heard about Pixal, right?

Well, lately we started working back on it! there has been a lot of changes deep inside, but the most important is we are looking forward to actually finish the game for the pleasure of all world 🙂

Since last version, a new Capability has been added (Using forum buildings), and there have been important fixes and changes on the battle model (items now wear with time so you actually have to replace them). The world browser has also been optimized and autoupdates so the whole thing is semi-semi-real time (at least you can see expeditions moving around you).

Remember, this release is still beta quality! we are looking for playtesters so if you are interested in contributing you are very welcome!

Next versions will feature the whole world, and enhancements over the contruction facet.

So, without further ado, take a look!

A separate dimension, currently inhabited by EIA’s gamedev research group
Pixal forums, integrated with uStream, allow to share a presentation while the group chats about it
Equipment is damaged on each fight, reducing its effectivity

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