Ananias Roguelike 1.51 released – Big graphics and UX changes

Play online or download for Android.

Only two weeks left, please consider contributing to the campaign. Every dollar counts!

new3D newCreatePlayer


  • Prevent alchemists and archers from using heavy armor


  • Huge changes on room walls pseudo 3D rendering


  • Merge class selection and pet selection into a single “New Game” screen.
  • Override target selection when there’s a single enemy on the run for “Use on” command.
  • Override “Use” command in favor of “Use on” when it doesn’t make sense to use on self.
  • Prevent “Use on” command when no viable targets in the room.
  • Allow using on self via the “Use on” command. (Selecting “self” as target)
  • Update description for magic fountains
  • Update upgrade card descriptions
  • Clarify descriptions for spells you cant use
  • Clarify descriptions for reagent items
  • Update class descriptions, remove background and add gameplay details.

2 thoughts on “Ananias Roguelike 1.51 released – Big graphics and UX changes

  1. This games is great! Easy control and fun to play. And I have a request. This game stops other music playing/Podcasts on my android devices. Plz update. Thanks!

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