The Kramora Times #3 – Ananias 1.75 released!

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Ananias Version 1.75 released!

It’s been two months since the last release! We are yet one step closer to Steam and iOS. Almost there. Thanks to all the testers who checked the RC versions, it was very helpful!



  • Add about 77 new weapon types
  • New reloading mechanics for bows (Can only load one arrow at a time, quick reloading by passing turn). Also applies for new ranged weapon types (crossbows and slings).
  • Add Dagger, Whip, Scythe, Sling, Crossbow weapon types
  • Prevent wand and liquid ammo from being parried
  • Change starting equipment for Hunter (bow and sword)
  • Add item modifiers (Fire and Smite Undead)
  • Make most classes start with a befriend monster spell
  • Give evolve potion on level 5
  • Allow throwing pebbles
  • Change number of enemies per level (independent of depth)
  • Force enemies to load weapons if needed

User Experience

  • Add keyboard command to toogle inventory
  • Allow continuous keyboard movement
  • Don’t show running indicator if cannot use running skills
  • Prevent minimap from getting on the gameplay area
  • Enhance select target message

Plans for the future

I continue getting close to the Steam and iOS release. This is the status of the same items I talked about on Kramora Times # 2

Adding more items

The lack of graphics for the detailed views of all items has prevent me from adding all of them. I have decided I won’t let that stop me, so for the items for which I don’t have a zoomed graphic, I’ll just use the normal “paperdoll” graphic. It may be won’t look very professional at first, but in time I might get the resources to add these missing graphics.

Done! I added the weapons… still wish I had zoomed/detailed graphics for all of them, hope if I’ll be able to get them before the next version?

I have been thinking on adding a bit more to the plot / story. Still haven’t thought on the details. I’ve made up some sparse bits of lore, so may be I can use that as a starting point for the world. As for the player experience inside the game, I may include some recurring characters with semi-random events. Again, still haven’t thought it out.

No advancement here.

The game is clearly not meant to be played using the keyboard now. There’s a rudimentary support for movement but it’s pretty slow. Also, there are no keyboard shortcuts neither support for the menus or inventory.

I think I’m done for keyboard, at least for the initial Steam release, the game will be played with keyboard for movement (already works now) and mouse for the menus and targeting.

If I go on to support consoles in the future, I’d had to work further on this so that mouse is not needed at all. No easy task!

  • Allow sneaking past enemies if you are stealthy: Monsters won’t always notice you when you step into the room.
  • Shareable character dead page including conducts
  • Enhance the crafting system
  • Unique (active) skills per class
  • Add Berserk Tactics

Still pending and still planned.

Comic Con Medellin 2016

Thanks again to Gamers and Geeks, I was able to have a small spot at Comic Con Colombia 2016, along with some other Indie Devs from Medellin!


Lots of people got to play the game, and we also had some merchandise (shirts and stickers) which people liked quite a lot. I still gotta put on the official online store on the website.


Dumeril Sage Statues

Still haven’t managed to push forward the development of these. It’s been a busy month! We will have about 4 new pieces available by the end of week. I’ll be doing these by request from the online store, soon!

paint summer sale and more

We had a summer sale over from June 24 to July 8 with a 50% discount. Thanks to all who contributed, every dollar counts towards finishing the game in an awesome way!


I also updated the page for Ananias so it looks a bit better now, I think the platform has evolved quite a bit since I first submitted the game there 🙂

New trailer

Sadly no advancement on this! I discussed some ideas with the artists but have failed to create the script for it so there’s little advancement.


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