SPID10 – Zelda II Top down

I will be posting SPIDs (Slashie’s Project Idea Drafts) in the blog, they will be short ideas for games or other projects I may or may not develop into full projects. May be someone will be inspired by them and save me the trouble of developing them.

Remaking Zelda II: The adventures of Link as a top down action RPG using an engine similar to either Zelda I (may be using Zelda Classic) or Zelda III (may be using Zolarus).


Zelda 2 is a very different game compared to the rest of the series. There’s a change in the perspective which may partially be the reason to the shift from focusing on puzzle solving into being heavily combat oriented.

Hated by many just because of being different, it is actually a challenging and pretty enjoyable game. Still, it would be nice to have something more traditional fill the gap of classic top down adventuring set on this Hyrule.

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