Ananias 2.0 released on Steam

Ananias is now available on Steam, (v2.0 will soon be deployed to the other channels as well) here’s a summary of the release party that took place yesterday via Slashware’s twitch channel:


Contest were announced

  • Fan art – Post your fan art on Steam community
  • Best characters during the party

Some initial acknowledgements of gratitude were made:

  • To the devteam
    • Denzi, the mysterious pixel artist from Japan who’s been hard to reach lately, for his huge contributions to the game art.
    • Mark Honnor, another indie developer and artist, for greatly enhancing the environmental art.
    • Juan Camacho, for creating awesome illustrations for the character classes and one of the versions of the trailer, which have been very helpful to spread the word about the game.
    • Laura Espinosa, for creating cute versions of the character classes, which have been used in the game merchandise.
    • Giovanny Ramirez, for creating awesome art for the crowdfunding campaigns and the Dumeril Sage statue model.
    • Valentina Zapata, for creating the logo and a lot of support on the different pieces of physical merchandise.
  • To the many people who has supported the game through the years in different ways
    • Contributing to the crowdfunding campaigns
    • Acquiring the in-dev versions for the different platforms
    • Spreading news about the game
    • Providing gameplay feedback and bug reports.
  • To my wife, for bearing with me working long nights to get the game to where it is now.

We started giving a quick explanation of what a roguelike is and what is Ananias. Then we went through the first year of development of the game, watched a gameplay video of the original 7DRL and went thru the first crowdfunding campaigns.

Then, in an explosive ceremony, the “Publish” button was clicked,  thus making the game available for people in Steam.

We continued checking the remaining two years of development, and then proceed to play the game with the audience’s character class of choice: The Shepherd. Along the party, other players shared the tombstones of their characters

Some of the announcements that were made:

  • The release on iOS which should happen next week.
  • Some hints about the Premium Edition, which will come packed in two 1.44MB disks and boxed with manual and some trinkets.
  • A potential restart of the production of Dumeril Sage statues.

Contest results!

The winner for the best character is… deadlyhabit with his level 8 Barbarian! he gets 5 steam keys to share with his friends!

Following is the list of characters who died during the party.

Player Class Gender Level Kills
deadlyhabit Barbarian Male 8 123
esty8nine Slayer Male 8 119
RusticDragon Alchemist Male 8 96
HoustonDragon Paladin Male 7 95
MaxThundercock Slayer Male 6 86
slash Shepherd Female 6 71
Siderious Barbarian Male 6 68
RusticDragon Slayer Female 6 36
Darkhawke Alchemist Male 5 46
Siderious Paladin Male 4 40
RusticDragon Hunter Male 3 22
slash Shepherd Female 1 2

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